Frase relativa e posizione attributiva nel cretese antico: un caso di “aggettivazione del verbo”?

Romano Lazzeroni
Dipartimento di Linguistica Università di Pisa - Via Santa Maria 36 - 56126 Pisa (Italy)

Pubblicato 2010-01-16


In ancient Cretan dialect, as a consequence of κοινή, the article takes the value of the relative pronoun. However, this value is restricted to the cases in which the relative article replicates the article of the antecedent and bears the same grammatical case: τός τε θεὸς τὸς ὤμοσα. The syntactic frame is identical to the attributive construction of the adjective: ὁ ἀνήρ ὁ ἀγαθός. Unlike the relative clauses introduced by ὅς, in which Benveniste recognized a similar construction, this is a case of “verbal adjectivization”, in Kurzová’s terms. Those relative clauses are, rather, predicative nominal clauses where the copula is missed.