V. 53 N. 2 (2015)

Le iscrizioni bilingui licio-greche nel loro contesto socio-storico: tipi e funzioni a confronto

Paola Dardano
Università per Stranieri di Siena

Pubblicato 2016-05-06

Parole chiave

  • ancient Greek,
  • Lycian,
  • bilingual texts,
  • interference


This paper examines the bilingual Lycian-Greek inscriptions in order to determine the linguistic interferences between both languages. It will be shown that the order of the clause constituents (subject, verb and object) and the topicalizations show a number of recurrent properties, which play a crucial role in determining the development of new pragmatic functions at the discourse level. Another topic, which will be focused on, are the spatial relations between the two texts and their positions on the monument.